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Macon County Veterinary Hospital performs routine surgical services including ovariohysterectomies (spays) and castrations (neuters), a wide variety of orthopedic surgeries including luxating patella repair, and soft tissue surgeries such as spleen removal, gall bladder removal, foreign object removal, eye surgery, nasal surgery, hernia repair, and more.

To ensure your pet’s safety, we carefully screen each patient prior to each surgery so that we can screen for any abnormalities or conditions that may be problematic. This also enables us to tailor anesthetics specifically for your pet. Additionally, we monitor vital signs throughout all stages of surgery and recovery.

We offer safe, advanced surgical techniques and technology to pets residing in Lafayette, Westmoreland, Dixon Springs, Bethpage, and the surrounding areas including Fountain Run, Kentucky. Whether your pet is of the age to be spayed, neutered, or needs a different surgical procedure, the veterinarians and staff at Macon County Veterinary Hospital are here for you and your pet.