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We realize that sometimes pet owners can use a little help keeping their pets clean and well-groomed. Some pets can be a real handful when it comes to bathing, trimming nails, and keeping long hair soft and tangle free. Macon County Veterinary Hospital’s grooming services offers bathing, brushing, mini grooms, full haircuts, deshedding treatments, nail clipping/grinding, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.

Our groomer will take special care to recognize your pet’s individual needs, and will make your pet feel safe and comfortable. We want your pet’s grooming experience to be as happy and stress free as possible, therefore we go to great lengths to be gentle while taking care of your pet.

If you live in the vicinity of the Lafayette community, and you need a little help with your grubby buddy, call today for grooming packages and pricing and to schedule your pet’s grooming appointment.